Finland just turned 100 years on 6th of December! Happy birthday Finland, we love you <3

To celebrate the occasion, PocketGamer has gathered a list of the Top 25 Finnish Mobile Game Companies on their website. Guess what, Traplight is on that list! Thank you PocketGamer for the honor, we are glad to be there among with other greats like Supercell, Seriously and our fellow Tampere based friends 10Tons. Cheers!


Here’s what they wrote about us:
“User generated content isn’t a big thing for mobile games, but Tampere-based Traplight is out to change all that. Its game Big Bang Racing lets players build, share and race their own crazy tracks, and with millions of tracks created, it’s clear people love the opportunity.”



Read the whole article:
PocketGamer: Top 25 Finnish Mobile Game Companies