Influencer Update’s Viral Visionaries Panel this week’s topic was the sudden popularity of Fortnite among influencers in both YouTube and Twitch. Influencer Update asked the expert panel, including Traplight’s Marketing Manager Veera Rouvinen, why is Fortnite so popular and how does this phenomenon affect YouTube Gaming in the future?


Veera Rouvinen:

“One reason, a very obvious one, is that Fortnite is free to play, unlike the biggest competitor PUBG. A colleague of mine pointed this out very well: “If I were 13 right now of course I would go nuts over a free-to-play battle royale game.” The graphics and play style also support a less serious, fun-filled gaming liked by younger audience in contrast to PUBG’s realistic graphics and guns etc.

The graphics style and easier mechanics also make Fortnite’s gameplay easier to follow on stream (eg. easier to see where the bullets fly, who is winning the gun fight etc.) The building aspects of Fortnite bare resemblance to Minecraft, which we know has already defined a whole generation of gamers.

And the pvp mods of Minecraft were already popular with kids before the launch of Fortnite, so moving on to Fortnite has been an easy choice for them.

It just seems that Fortnite is everything that the “Minecraft generation” has been waiting for. These players are also YouTube and Twitch native, and consume influencer content at much higher rate than older players.

The sheer amount of young, influencer-friendly players makes the game obviously interesting for both Twitch streamers and YouTubers, on top of the fact that battle royale is a very streamable/YouTubable genre in general.

It’s hard to say how the popularity of Fortnite will affect YouTube Gaming, but my guess is that we will see a lot more battle royale games, both mobile and PC/console, on the gaming channels of YouTube in the future.”

As a free-to-play game with clear visuals Fortnite is easier to pick up than eg. PUBG.


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