Traplight <3 New Devs event

What do you get when you combine developers with years of F2P mobile games market experience, and a group of students and beginner developers eager to learn? A very nice evening of open discussion, information sharing and new interesting contacts.

On Wednesday 30th of May we had our first ever Traplight <3 New Devs event at our Office. The idea was to connect with the local developers who are just starting their career, and help them avoid the pitfalls that may come when you go headfirst into creating F2P games without prior experience on launching, metrics or marketing.

The topics of the evening where:
What does a great product deck look like?
– ABC of (soft)launching your F2P game
Game marketing with zero budget
– Portfolio feedback sessions

The feedback we received from the attendees was encouraging: It seems there is a need among young developers to hear more about the things that are not so directly related to the making of the actual core game. These topics are important for any F2P developer out there, but are not frequently covered in game studies.

We here at Traplight want to help educate the next generation of amazing developers in Finland, and Traplight <3 New Devs was the first step. Overall the evening was a great success, and we will definitely start planning for Vol 2. as soon as possible.

P.S. Check out some of the Topic slides from the links above!

P.S.S. Pictures below!