Traplight <3 New Devs event

What do you get when you combine developers with years of F2P mobile games market experience, and a group of students and beginner developers eager to learn? A very nice evening of open discussion, information sharing and new interesting contacts.

On Wednesday 30th of May we had our first ever Traplight <3 New Devs event at our Office. The idea was to connect with the local developers who are just starting their career, and help them avoid the pitfalls that may come when you go headfirst into creating F2P games without prior experience on launching, metrics or marketing.

The topics of the evening where:
What does a great product deck look like?
– ABC of (soft)launching your F2P game
Game marketing with zero budget
– Portfolio feedback sessions

The feedback we received from the attendees was encouraging: It seems there is a need among young developers to hear more about the things that are not so directly related to the making of the actual core game. These topics are important for any F2P developer out there, but are not frequently covered in game studies.

We here at Traplight want to help educate the next generation of amazing developers in Finland, and Traplight <3 New Devs was the first step. Overall the evening was a great success, and we will definitely start planning for Vol 2. as soon as possible.

P.S. Check out some of the Topic slides from the links above!

P.S.S. Pictures below!

Traplight Creative Director Sami Kalliokoski took part in an interesting panel in Casual Connect USA on 17th of January. The panel dived into how to make safe, easy and fun games that both kids and their parents can enjoy.

Check out below Sami and Traplight’s take on some of the topics discussed in the panel. You can also watch the full panel discussion in YouTube!


It has become clear to us at Traplight through our own experiences and by looking at current industry trends that User-Generated Content games are super interesting for kids. Because of the high interest towards creating, monetising UGC games comes naturally through the creation elements. Big Bang Racing became popular with kids a bit by accident, but if we were to focus more on making games for kids, we would also put a lot of effort into creating interesting and fun collection mechanics that have been proven to work great in games targeted towards younger audience.


The nature of User-Generated Content games means that players are able to basically create whatever they like. This makes it a challenge to control the content players create and to keep underage players safe. In Big Bang Racing players can give thumbs up or thumbs down on the created content, much like in social media, and the community is able to quickly hide offensive or not-kid-friendly content. There are also basic bad word filters in place to make sure that the names of levels, players or teams are not offensive. We would also like to highlight the importance of parents playing with their kids: a UGC game can be a kid’s first touch to social media like social interaction, and having a parent there will help them learn how to behave when interacting with other players and the content created by them.


When it comes to virality, our games rely heavily on the inherent social aspects of User-Generated Content: When you create something you also want to share it with others. In addition Traplight focuses on influencers to make our games visible in social media and YouTube. We put effort into making streaming and video creation easy inside our games. This will help influencers to create content for their fans, and also the players who just want to share their experiences with friends. We also add features that will help influencers create fun and engaging content utilising the User-Generated Content in our games.


Why Do Influencers Matter For Your Game?

Traplight’s Community & Marketing Manager Veera Rouvinen spoke about Influencer Marketing at Aalto University’s Games Now lecture series today. The topic of the lecture was “Why Do Influencers Matter for Your Game, and How to Work With Them?” The lecture covers the basics of what influencer marketing means for games right now, and how can developers market their game in a way that benefits the influencer and their audience as well.

Check out Veera’s lecture in the video below. You can also check out the slides of the lecture in this link.

Traplight Creative Director and Co-Founder Sami Kalliokoski speaks about creator motivations in our User-Generated Content games in Casual Connect 2017 in Seattle.


In his session, Sami speaks about how fundamental human motivations promote self-expression and social validation, and how we here at Traplight create value for our players through core loops built around dynamics of player creativity, empathy, and competence.