Tampere saw the rise of two new game development focused events during the last quarter of 2018. There was a definite demand for them: Tampere is the second largest game development hub in Finland, but has had no major industry events to inspire and support the local community – until now. Both events had a distinct angle towards game development, and they brought a fresh breeze of ideas and a good buzz in the local developer community. As an advocate of sharing information and helping everyone succeed, Traplight was more than happy to be part of these events as a sponsor and co-organiser. Check out the events’ descriptions and some photos below!


Tim Lönnqvist (Small Giant), Touko Tahkokallio (Supercell) and Reko Ukko (Seriously) discuss designing an original IP F2P game with panel host Taneli Roininen (BON Games) in Manse Games 2018.


Manse Games

Organised on 22nd of November 2018, Manse Games is a mobile game conference for industry professionals: A monetisation, UA and design oriented one day event for game professionals who are serious about succeeding in the F2P world. The free event was held in Palatsi venue in the Tampere city center. The lineup of world class speaker dug deep into designing an original F2P game from scratch, building a metrics system to help you do ROI positive UA, what can we learn from the Asian F2P market and how to turn a loved IP into a successful mobile game, among many other topics. The program for the one day event included also lunch, dinner, a party at the venue as well as an after party filled with wild karaoke singing and dancing in a nearby club.


Teut Weidemann’s session focused on early, mid and end game monetisation.


Based on the feedback that we received afterwards the event was a success. The goal of bringing cutting edge F2P knowledge here in Tampere was filled, and the 200+ visitors and 15+ speakers from all over Finland (and world!) got to network, learn and chill together – Just as we planned. These types of events are absolutely necessary for companies in Tampere region and elsewhere to get top level F2P know-how. It is needed to compete with the current wave of innovative and long-lived mobile games in the market. Events like this do their part in helping the next big hit game come from Tampere, Finland!


Riku Rakkola and Antti Ikäläinen enjoying the event.


Palatsi was the perfect venue for a one day event like Manse Games. We’ll meet there again in 2019!


Devcon Tampere
The idea for Devcon was born over a beer, like many ideas here in Finland do. A group of enthusiastic Tampere based game developers, some focused on mobile, others on PC or consoles, realised they wanted to organise an event for all game developers in Tampere. The aim of this event would be to share experiences and learnings in a brutally honest and straightforward way. In addition, there was a need for the different stake holders of the Tampere game development scene to start discussing and collaborating better – And this event would be the platform for it.

The program of Devcon Tampere consisted of postmortems, practical learning cases and a panel, topped with a lunch and a traditional Finnish sauna party afterwards. Devcon was a small, but highly successful gathering, where the local game students, game developers, university researchers, facilitators and the city of Tampere got together, shared learnings and discussed how to build and cultivate the Tampere Games Hub in the future. This type of openness, honesty and collaboration is definitely needed to keep this city’s games scene thriving.


What next?
It was an awesome experience to be part of organising and hosting the two, new major game development focused events here in Tampere. The results of both were encouraging, and both events will surely keep pushing forward. In 2019 they will be even bigger and better, and hopefully also inspire others to find new ways to get together, collaborate and share information inside Tampere region and in games business in general.


Traplight sends a big thank you for all participants, speakers and staff of both events.