What on Earth!
What on Earth!

Welcome to your cosmic playground!

What on Earth! blends the endless possibilities of user-generated content and social gaming together with fun and diverse ingame goals, embodied in a form mobile gamers have never seen before.

Developed by Finnish company Traplight Games, What on Earth! tells the story of a curious extraterrestrial race who discover Voyager, a space probe launched into outer space by NASA. Through TV transmissions captured by the Voyager’s satellite, the friendly aliens get glimpses of quirky human habits, and begin studying the various -- and sometimes dangerous -- pastimes they witness in the Earthly broadcasts.

All tracks, challenges and tournaments are created by the players, for the players. At the heart of the game is an easytouse editor that includes an ever growing selection of terrains, vehicles, hazards and boosts to get inventive with. Players can research new gadgets discovered from Earth, share their creations with others, rate, comment and play content made by the community, and take part in galactic competitions and daily challenges.

The epic voyage begins with a racing package that makes the CERN particle accelerator look like a Sunday drive!

What on Earth! will be launched on iOS devices in 2015.

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